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About Us

HowNWhy is a global movement in education that brings the best of the worlds into your child's space. Our curriculum educates and gets the students ready for what the future holds. We strive to champion a new model in education that can easily blend and amalgamate with the school curriculum and also fulfill by itself the purpose of educating and nurturing the inquisitiveness in every kid so that they are 100% future-ready. It’s a platform where the children are given the agencies to their own learning so that they can pick up the attributes that will help them fulfill their dreams and fuel their intentions to contribute to the world they will hold in their hands very soon.

HowNWhy is a holistic learning approach where the learning happens beyond the boundaries of subjects or the syllabus. It's a curriculum that blends all of Science, Art, Applied Science, and Technology together to present it to the student in its truest form. All this put together in collaboration with the best in each of the industries.

How Is This Programme Different?


Let us face it. The problems that our future generation will face are no way the ones that we are facing today. It is not even close to something we have witnessed in the past or have seen during our times. They will have to deal with the massive aftermath of the depleting natural resources, pollution, poverty, obesity, mental and physical unknown illnesses and learn to live as a global community breaking boundaries and embracing all cultures.

 It is not very far that AI will replace most of what we earn our living from today. The future generation needs to not just know the ways of coding and create newer bots but also know how to vigilantly use all the systems and technologies that are created. What is more important for these kids is to answer the How and Why of everything. If we do not empower them with this knowledge what we will see is a future that can be catastrophic.

So who better than a team of subject matter experts who will work closely with your school teachers to bring to the limelight the current technologies, their evolution, and the future trends in each field. It will be one of a kind where we get the industry knowledge to tie hands with the subjects they learn in school.

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How Does The Program Work?

It’s a treasure hunt of knowledge. We carefully handpick topics for every child and map it to the difficulty level they will be comfortable to start with post an initial assessment. Then, during the course of the sessions, we graduate into the waterfall model and allow the kids to navigate deeper or switch from topic to topic based on their choices and their inclinations. It is not a stringent framework, but one that allows every kid to learn, to celebrate topics learned in class, and become future-ready!

It’s a space where both success and failures will be celebrated equally. Every failure will mark the stepping stone to a new discovery/ invention or innovation and every success will take them closer to another milestone. All in all, it’s the process of celebrating every kid's curiosity and learning process.

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What Makes Us Unique?

1. We are not just a coding platform: We believe not every kid is born to be a coder and there are enough colors in the spectrum than just one. We celebrate all colors that our kids choose.
2. We are not a replacement for school education: In fact, we love the way Education is delivered in schools and only intend to blend with the school curriculum and love to showcase the integration of these subjects and their applications. We love to coexist.
3. We are not a showpiece of projects: We ensure that every kid's Innovation and Emotional Quotient always takes the center stage and we will not rush them in creating projects overnight to win awards. We love to facilitate our kids' ideas and support them in fulfilling them. However no unrealistic promises for the sake of sales!

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